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22 Nov: The Secret Diary of an IT Manager Aged 35 ¾ (Part 2)
Now I've always been a bit of a whizz at computers. When I was young I was the kid that was wheeled out to get rid of the virus on the computer, setup the home network, or give some advice as to latest and greatest piece of technology.
15 May: Our thoughts on the NHS cyberattacks
Making news late Friday night and dominating media coverage over the weekend, the ransomware WannaCry is perhaps the most devastating piece of ransomware ever, with 230,000 PC's (and counting) infected, at high profile organisations including NHS trusts.
24 Feb: Is Dropbox putting your business at risk?
Cloud collaboration services such as Dropbox and are becoming ever more popular with business users – a recent survey suggested as many as 1 in 5 staff use Dropbox even though businesses IT policies disallow such practices.
22 Jan: Cloud computing hype?
I attended a conference held by an IT vendor the other day who were shilling their latest Cloud computing offering. The conference was attended by a bunch of directors from IT Service companies similar to Torix.
02 Mar: XP goes out support on 8th April. Are you prepared?
On 8th April Microsoft ends support of Windows XP and Office 2003. We’ve been helping many of our clients overcome this issue of late, and making sure it doesn’t cost them the earth by offering 50% off XP migrations.
18 Apr: Mobile working – evolution or laissez-faire?
IT Systems are becoming more mobile. Compared with 5 years ago, staff are much more likely to be using laptops, tablets and smartphones as opposed to PCs with large tower hard drives under their desks.

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